How to Replace Your Dryer Buzzer

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The dryer buzzer is one of the most universally recognized and disliked sounds in the modern household. The dryer buzzer is a loud, obnoxious sound that lets you know there are clothes cooling no matter where you are in the house. Some people rely on the dryer buzzer to save their perm-press garments that must be hung immediately. But most of us could never hear a dryer buzzer again and it would be too soon.

Unfortunately, some models of dryers have an integral buzzer that you can’t turn off. Every single time you dry your clothes or fluff some towels, you get that blaring blat. The good news is that anyone with a screwdriver and a little elbow grease can make that dream come true. Here’s how to remove that dryer buzzer for good. 

Gather Your Supplies

  • Screwdrivers
  • Nut Driver Set
  • Work Gloves

Safety First

Always take care of safety first. Because the buzzer is an electrical component, you will want to cut the power to your dryer. Simply remove the power plug from the wall. Yes, it’s a huge plug. 

Open the Back Panel

Now you’ll need to access the back of the top control panel. To do this, start by pulling the dryer out away from the wall. Give yourself enough room to stand comfortably behind the dryer with elbow room to work with tools.

Next, stand behind the dryer and identify the back panel you’re about to remove. There will be a perimeter of mounting screws holding the panel on. Remove them and set the screws aside somewhere safe nearby. Then pull the panel away from the cabinet and set it aside as well. 

Identify the Buzzer

You should now be able to see inside the top control panel of your dryer. You can see the backs of the switches and knobs along with a control panel. Identify your buzzer component. If you have a manual handy, you can use this to guide you to the buzzer. You can also look up a replacement buzzer and then match it visually with the buzzer inside this top compartment.

The buzzer, like all of the components in the control panel, will be attached with a wire harness. This is a frosted or white plastic clip that holds several wires together and forms a connection when clipped. 

Uninstall Your Dryer Buzzer

Once you’ve identified the buzzer, uninstallation is easy. If the buzzer is mounted to the inside of the panel housing, use your screwdriver to remove the mounting screws and bracket so that the buzzer is released. From there, the buzzer will only be attached by the wire harness we just mentioned. Press on the tab of the wire harness to release the clip and pull the two halves apart.

You should now have a free dryer buzzer that is neither mounted or attached. Feel free to throw away the buzzer or destroy it in an act of victory over its loud annoying noise.  

Reassemble the Dryer

Great! Now you’re ready to reassemble your dryer. Tuck all the wires and components back into the top compartment. Then carefully fit the back panel over the opening and secure it with the mounting screws. Hand-twisting two screws are very helpful for holding the panel in place while you do the rest.

Plug your dryer back in and push the dryer up against the wall again. Be sure to wrangle the flexible silver duct so that it isn’t twisted or crushed when your dryer is in place. 

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

Congratulations. You have just successfully removed the buzzer from your dryer. That dryer will never scream it’s mechanical noise through the house again. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of a buzzer-free home. For more guides and repair tips, contact us today!

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